Game Stick Retro 2 Wireless Controls Over 10,000 Games
Game Stick Retro 2 Wireless Controls Over 10,000 Games

Game Stick Retro 2 Wireless Controls Over 10,000 Games

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With the Video Game Stick Lite (Launch) you have the best games in one device, with more than 10,000 non-repetitive games built in for you to play wherever you want.


- 4KO HDMI output
Game Stick uses HDMI interface, you can connect it to TVs, computer monitors, projectors with HDMI inputs being supported up to 4k HD resolution.

- 2 2.4ghz Wireless/ P/AA Controls
Simple and convenient, you can experience the fun of the game with your friends, partners, and kids.

- Processor
The Game Stick has a dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU.

- 10,000 Games

- Built-in emulator
The Game Stick supports emulation of the most nostalgic consoles:
PS1/md / atari / mame / sfc / fc / gba / gb / gbc

- Install other games
You can download the online file of any other game you like and copy it to the memory card.


Model: PS3000
CPU: Cortex-A7 dual-core
Main Memory/Flash: DDR 256 MB, 128 MB Flash memory
TV Output: HDMI
Console Emulator: PS1 / CPS / SFC / FC / GB / GBA / GBC / MD

Download Games yourself:
If you have other more interesting games, you can download the file online and install on the memory card.

Support for you download:
Step 1 : Download game file
Step 2 : Connect the TF card to the computer with the card reader
Step 3 : Copy the game files to the corresponding folder
Step 4 : Insert the card in the video game connect and turn it on
Step 5 : Open your game and start playing

Package Contents
1x Game Stick
2x Wireless Controls
1x HDMI cable
1x USB cable
1x User manual